The different training sessions will help to standardize how we teach curling for all age groups at a recreational level. Instructors will provide a professional and structured service while sharing their passion for curling.

• Training session for the Blizzard Program (U12);
• Training session for the U15 to U21 Curling Skills Development Program;
• Training session for the Instructors for Rental Groups;
• Passion Curling Squad – training session for club members (all levels) or for recreational or competitive teams.
• Private or group technical sessions;
• *Massage Therapy for events, spiels or team follow up.
• Team Mentorship ($160 per 1-hour session or $760 for a 5-session package)
• Webinars, Is there more than just technique and tactic to perform?
- #1 Introduction to physical preparation, nutrition and sleep, 90 minute, $35/person
- #2 Introduction to mental preparation, 90 minute, $35/person
- #3 Spiels/Championships preparation, 90 minute, $35/person (3-webinar package = $90)

Your mentor Amélie Blais will be happy to give you practical tools in order to improve your game during mentoring sessions as well as the webinars. Passion Curling coaches will also be invited to join Amélie so they can bring their experience.

To register: fill in the registration form and sen dit back to;

The Series details are following the registration sheet. *Please note that those 2 series are only available in French for the 2022-2023 Season

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*Massage therapy is a complementary service very useful for all athletes. Regular body treatments will allow every participant or athlete to maintain good flexibility, improve muscle oxygenation, reduce the risk of injury and reduce muscle tensions. During a Spiel or a Championship, this service will be recommended to improve athletes’ recovery and prevent injuries as well as treating existing injuries.